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Welcome to New Life Car Care

 Dan Craw
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      Imagine what it's like to be a single parent. You need transportation to get to work, school, and the doctor's office. On top of that you have to pay for rent, food, and other bills. Out of necessity, car maintenance and repairs are last on the list until the car breaks down. Unfortunately, for many people, this is a reality.

      Most of us take our cars for granted. We drive newer cars so we don't worry about breaking down, and when they do break down, it's usually just an inconvenience. The clients we work with do not have this luxury, and this is where we come in.

      Through the years we have been able to help many people keep their jobs and maintain their lives. We do this by doing repairs or giving them donated vehicles. New Life Car Care is dedicated to serving those in need.


Our Mission Statement

      To repair vehicles for people that could not otherwise afford it, to provide vehicles to people that could not otherwise buy one, and to teach as many people as possible to maintain their own vehicles so they will last as long as possible.


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