New Life Car Care

Caring for the needs of others

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      "New Life Car Care has been a blessing to my family and it's survival. I am a mother of three small children and a substitute paraprofessional for the local school district, who cannot afford much-needed repairs for my vehicle. However, NLCC provides hope for many in my situation, as well as, those who cannot afford the high cost of automobile maintenanc
      In addition to receiving repair serivces, NLCC also provides workshops that deal with topics concerning basic car care. These workshops are free of cost and teach you things about what to do and look for in emergency situations, checking fluid levels in your car, checking your tire pressure, etc... Daniel Craw and this ministry have had a wonderful and much needed impact on my family and the community."

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      "I am a widow on low income social security. I found out about New Life Car Care through my church. Car Care has been doing oil changes, and work on my car for several years now, and it's all been free. It's been such a blessing for me. There have been times I didn't know what I would have done without the help. I would recommend to anyone to support this much needed service. It's been a blessing to me and many others."

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      "New Life Car Care is one of the best things that has come into my life after the death of my husband and the loss of my job. After the loss of my husband I became involved with an abusive man and ended up going to DOVE, a domestic abuse organization, for help. DOVE referred me to New Life Car Care.
      Car Care helped me with repairs and oil changes because I couldn't afford to take it to a shop. They did the oil changes for free and only charged me a small percentage for the parts I needed, Car Care has been a life saver for me.
      Dan at New Life Car Care answers questions I have and helps me to understand what he is doing to my car. I have also attended car classes that he teaches for free. Between the help I've been given and what I've learned at the classes, I've become more independent about taking care of my car.
      I would encourage anyone to help support this organization so they can continue to help other people. Car Care has made a great difference in my life and has taught me many things, they have also been a great support for me. Thank you very much."